La perfection ne tient qu'à un fil

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Link to perfection

Actinote is focusing on innovation and performance to get the best musicality since 1993.

Patiently builded by hours of experiments and close listening, our excellent reputation is based on experience, sound optimisation know-how and a tremendous love for music working together in close cooperation.

Our ways are based on accurate technical principles and appropriate use of the laws of physics.

The technical specifications for an actinote cord includes :

  • Protection of signals by a highly immune structure
  • -Suppression of micro vibrations
  • -The judicious choice of the conductor diameter in accordance with the use
  • High end specific connectors
  • Design and flawless manual assemblage
  • Sophisticated production and in-depth quality control

Actinote’s team paid a special attention to the signals transmission without deterioration on a large bandwidth for the different links : mains – analog – digital and loudspeaker.

in 2016, Actinote products are improving, from the power cord to the inter-connected cable and to the loudspeaker cable.

On over 20 years, Actinote has built an excellent reputation thanks to the quality of its expertise and its quality of production. Well tested principles, a strict implementation of the laws of physics are integrated to building procedures, with a constant technological surveillance in search for new material For the Evo ranges, we keep our values.. : – Optimal rejection of the electromagnetic effects – Elimination of the peripheral static current – Control of the micro vibrations We improve : – The conductors quality with the oxygen free copper – The judicious choice of the conductor diameter in accordance with the use – With a double shielding on each cable of the range

For our older customers, bellow are the products from the previous lince